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Summer Seminar Online Shiurim


Shlichus Advanced Learning seminary 5776

Welcome to Merkos Women

MerkosWomen started with one candle, burning brightly. One lady, whose passion for Jewish learning was ignited by a school teacher. 

When she eventually established her own home, she decided to continue sharing this light with others.

It started with one weekly Torah class given around her dining room table. Soon, it grew into a centre of Jewish study, where women came from around the world to enjoy the warmth of the MerkosWomen 'fireplace'.

We invite you step inside and experience authentic Jewish learning in a warm, personalised environment. Meet new friends and experience meaningful Jewish living.

The environment at MerkosWomen is warm and personalised to help you excel in your studies. Teachers and staff show a genuine interest in each participant.

Once the flame of love for Jewish living and learning is ignited, it can be passed on to the next person. Who will pass it on to their friends. Who will pass it on again. And so on. 

That's the revolution of MerkosWomen. We invite you to step inside!